1000 Yard Shoot

Season: Summer | Activity: Event

  Location: Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club  |   Held Every: Spring


In 1974, the first 1000 yard shoot originated from a bet between four guys. One guy stating that a British 303 rifle, with iron sights and factory ammunition, could be used to hit a target T 1000 yards. The others strongly disagreed, saying that a 303 couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

The shooter persuaded a couple of local gun enthusiasts into setting up a 303 rifle. After testing several 303s, one was elected and equipped with a good aperture sight. Five boxes of ammunition later, the rifle was sighted in and ready to go.

In the early spring of 1975, the first 1000 yard shoot took place on Decker Lake. The 1000 yard shoot has continued ever since. Over the years, the range has changed from various places in the area to a permanent approved range at the Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club in Burns Lake, BC.

In 1998 after completing the building of the range, it was named the “Thompson & Waldron Range” in honour of the two shooters who spent years getting permission to build the range.

For more information on the annual 1000 Yard Shoot, call Dallas at 250-696-3133 or email trg1000yrd@hotmail.com



5040 Babine Lake Rd, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0, Canada


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