Ootsa- Francois Lake Circle Tour

Season: Summer | Activity: Camping, Day Trips, Fishing, Sightseeing, Swimming, Tracks and Trails, Watersports
The Lakes District has its own circle tour – and it’s not one to be missed.

For a beautiful circle tour, take Highway 35 south to Francois Lake and board the free ferry for a 20-minute ride across Francois Lake. Once you arrive at Southbank you have two options; turn left at the junction and head east to scenic Uncha Lake, home to some of the best char fishing in the area, or continue through Danskin to Grassy Plains, with its rolling meadows and active ranching operations.

Continue south and you’ll eventually end up at Takysie Lake, a sportsman’s paradise of trout fishing, hiking and hunting. There is also gas and propane available at Takysie Lake.

From Takysie, follow the road to Ootsa Lake, then turn right and follow the Ootsa-Nadina Road through Streatham, Wistaria, and a host of small communities. Along the way, there’ll be a breath-taking view of Tweedsmuir Park and Mount Wells.

When you reach the west end of Francois Lake and the Nadina River – almost in the shadow of Nadina Mountain – turn east along the Colleymount Road. The road will take you throughout the communities of Noralee and Colleymount – and eventually return to Northbank, thus completing the circle.


Trail Details

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 97 KM

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