Takysie Lake Resort

Season: Winter | Activity: Camping, Fishing, Hockey, Ice Fishing, Skating, Skiing, Watersports
In the fall and wintertime, activities change a bit. With September and October, the hunting season starts. As the leaves change and the landscape quiets, it is that time where man once again tries to outsmart the wildlife. Once hunting season has ended, the lake begins to freeze and soon the sports of ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, hockey, and skating take over. The boots and mitts come on and winter has begun its journey. There is a special kind of serenity in the wintertime here as the snow brings a hush to the world and all seems tranquil.


37530 Eakin Settlement Rd, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E4




9 am - 9 pm


9 am - 9 pm


9 am - 9 pm


9 am - 9 pm


9 am - 9 pm


9 am - 9 pm


12 pm- 9 pm

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