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Verdun Lookout

Season: Hiking, Siteseeing, Summer | Activity: Day Trips, Sight seeing, Tracks and Trails

Distance from Burns Lake: 49 KM   |   Difficulty: Easy


Take in this stunning panoramic view looking east at beautiful Uncha/Binta Valley, Dayeezchaand Llgitiyuz Mountains. While looking north, admire the view of Uncha Mountain, Grassy Plains, and Francois Lake. There are rustic trails leading away from the lookout that beckons to be explored. Great site for a picnic.


Directions: To get there from Burns Lake Follow travel directions to Southbank. Once exiting the ferry, drive straight up the hill on Keefe’s Landing Road for approx. 11 km, turn right at Keefe Landing/Ootsa Lake junction, travel another 12 km, turning right on to Verdun Road. Continue for 2 km. The access road is fairly rough.


Warning: Visitors to Burns Lake and the Lakes District area should be aware of the bears in our region. Black bears are common in our region and hikers are cautioned to stay alert. It is important to make noise to alert bears of your presence. A bear bell tied to a backpack is an easy way to let bears know you are in the neighbourhood. Remember to bring a can of bear spray. Visitors are asked to carry out whatever garbage they bring with them on their hike. Have fun hiking and be safe!

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